Special Offers

Tazavesh Mega Package

Tazavesh 8 bosses completed in hard mode 1 chance to loot epic mount Cartel Master`s Gearglider 233 ilvl gear dropped to you with personal loot


Weekly PVE master Package

Sanctum of Domination full raid run on normal with personal loot mode 1x15 dungeon in time with 1 personal loot trader


Face breaker Package

Rating 3s arena boost 0-1600+ Arena coach one hour.


Leveler Package

Shadowlands 50-60 Leveling 12h Covenant campaign Unlock Maw and Trghast 210 ilvl gear 1x15 key in time


Twisting Corridors Lord Package

Corridor Creeper mount All 9 layers Cosmetic items Twisting Corridors achievements


New Shadowlands Champion Package

Keystone Conqueror all 8x10 dungeons in time Rating 3s arena boost 0-1400


Main and Alt Package

1x15 key in time 2 traders for main character 2x10 keys in time for any of your characters


Gold M15 Package

4х15 Timed Runs with 2 free gear traders TorghastLayer12 2 wings


Beast Master Package

Tazavesh Gearglider flying mount Soultwisted Deathwalker flying mount KSM all 8x15 dungeons in time Vicious War Gorm


Coming Soon...